Do it yourself with Jaype Menorca

Helplessness. Desperation. Frustration. And then you finally make the call. That’s what happens when something needs fixing at home. It may not be in exactly that order, but you definitely go through these phases if you’re not much of a DIY person and can’t resolve the problem yourself. Maybe you won’t actually experience all of this, but we’re pretty sure about that call, as you’ll have no other option but to contact a professional to sort out whatever problem in your home. Plus, they always tend to happen at the worst possible time, and that’s when you keep on longing to be that bit handier. Being handy saves both money and time.

Here at Jaype, we stock all sorts of DIY tools and products for handy people with a problem that needs sorting at home – so don’t worry about all those frustrating sensations described above!

We’ve always heard of or actually know someone who’s “a DIY wizard”, but how would we describe them? Basically, they’re people or professionals who can fix anything that goes wrong in your house for you.

nullNaturally, they always come prepared, with a tool box containing all sorts of favourites that, along with their clever and capable work, will help to resolve the problem. And they need a variety of tools, depending on the job in hand. A plumbing issue is not the same as an electrical one, and Jaype is well aware of this and what to provide you with. We have a great range of DIY tools to help you along, from the standard ones to the latest technological ones that are especially designed for specific purposes.

In Hardware, we stock essentials such as:

  • Manual tools: Files, tools for pipes, special workshop tools, building implements etc.
  • Electrical tools: Drills, saws, vacuum cleaners, grinders etc.
  • Pressure cleaners, steam cleaners
  • Generators

We have a great deal more that you’ll be able to locate at Jaype. Just ask our friendly and efficient staff for help, or take a look on our website.


A good handyman needs a bid of everything! Jaype also stocks a comprehensive range of products, like… locksmith’s items? Yes, indeed!

  • Keys
  • Cylinder door locks
  • Chains
  • Padlock sets
  • Hinges
  • Signs to put up

Furthermore, we have everything you need to ensure that any goods in your home, establishment or business are safe and sound, please browse on this link to view


We’re also well aware of the occasional problem when the power goes off and we need to light candles or find torches. Sometimes it’s not a general power cut, and you’ll need to fix it with the specific material required:

  • Adapters
  • Power packs
  • Measuring instruments
  • Socket strips
  • Membrane switches

Jaype stocks all products to help prevent your power going off and for anything related to electricity to work correctly:


Here, at Jaype, we are always happy to offer you a solution to any problem. We help you to find the bet and fastest solution. Being a DIY person is so much easier with the advice and assistance of our team.

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