Flat pack furniture, the perfect allied to furnish your home

​We all like spending time in our homes, which is why the decor and furnishings tend to reflect our personality – that way we feel really at home as soon as we walk in.

However, it’s not always that simple to make your home match your taste and style, as there are lots of elements to keep in mind when you want to turn your place into a home: one of them is the choice of furniture.

In this post, we’ll help you to define the most important factors when it comes to choosing furniture for your home and how flat pack kit furniture can make it simpler for you.


This is essential and a priority. Space is key when it comes to choosing the right furniture, whether it’s for your living area, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. So, the best option is to get a measuring tape and start measuring, because the space’s dimensions are a key factor when choosing furniture. That’s why we recommend that, before you go to a store, make a note of all the heights and widths you are furnishing.


Once you know your space’s dimensions you can decide what sort of style you want for it. But how? There are so many different styles nowadays. Always remember that the sort of style you want should be your main objective. If you prefer a more linear and uncluttered style, you might like to choose a minimalist style, or perhaps you like combining lots of decor and colour for a contemporary style. This is the first rule to follow through all your plans. Factors like colour are also hugely important, and we’ll look into this aspect right away.



Choosing your colours is simple, but you should keep a couple of elements in mind:

Colours generate sensations and feelings, so it’s practical to choose based on the function of each space. For areas where you want to feel more relaxed, it’s better to opt for softer tones and, for parts where you want to feel energised, go for more vibrant colours. If you prefer a more linear and minimalist style, keep your colours monochrome and neutral.

Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Greens and blues: perfect colours for bedrooms.
  • Yellow: bright and lively colours for bathrooms or your office.
  • White: for spaces where you want peace and calm.

Quality and materials

You’ll have heard the expression “often, the cheapest ends up the most expensive”. If you want long-lasting furniture, you should invest in quality pieces that are solid, resistant and well built. Here at Jaype, we work with the company Muebles Pitarch, which has been designing and manufacturing furniture for over 100 years. They provide a great range of attractive furniture which is functional and good value for money.

Types of materials:

  • Wood: wood is very resistant and combines perfectly with any style you choose for your home, as one of its advantages is that you can also paint it to match your taste in colour. Wooden furniture can be natural or laminated. You just need to remember that this material needs looking after.
  • Plastic or melamine: these are very popular for contemporary designs, and cheaper than wood. There are many different styles and options in these materials to furnish your home. However, they are susceptible to sun exposure, so we recommend them for interior use.

Flat pack furniture

This sort of furniture is delivered disassembled, with the actual purchaser having to assemble it. It has been becoming more popular for years, and is perfect if you want to furnish your house with good quality items at a low cost. It is worth considering that just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean that it’s not good quality, as the commercial advantage of this for the manufacturer is that they save on the assembly and transport costs, thus reducing the end price. There are many different options and styles of furniture, ranging from classic to more on trend designs.

Here are a few examples of currently trendy furniture which is popular with our customers:

For living and sitting rooms:

Nordik bookcase ref. 100000602 €122.62 including VAT


Nordik Coffee table ref. 10000603 €82.76 including VAT


Nordik side table ref. 10000608 €69.26 including VAT 


Artik sideboard ref. 100000671 €191.88 including VAT


For bedrooms:

Artik bedside table ref. 100000673 €97.36 including VAT


Duna bookcase ref. 100000809 €115.00 including VAT


As you can see, furnishing a home often seems tedious and expensive, but if you consider these factors you’ll find it much easier. Style, quality colour and space are all key that you obviously need to think about to enjoy that home that you so want to be in. Plus, opting for flat pack kits is a great choice if you want reduce costs while still ensuring quality decor projects.

We hope that we’ve helped you and, if you need any advice on buying your furniture, come and see us at our Mahón store. You can also consult our Customer Service team or follow us on our Facebook or Instagram pages to keep up to date with all our latest products.

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