Great ideas for Mother’s Day in Menorca

​Mother's Day is just around the corner and, sometimes, finding the perfect gift for her can be complicated.

Your mother is unique and deserves a special gift, something she really likes, don’t you think?

If you still do not have any idea of what to give her and you always end up buying anything, keep reading this article. From Jaype we want to give you some ideas so this year you can make her a good gift. All mothers have different tastes, that’s why we recommend gifts from different sections of our store, to make it easier to find the most appropriate for yours.​

Outdoors and garden

Does your mother like to enjoy her time outdoors? We have the perfect gifts for her:



Your mother does a lot of things throughout the day and she needs to enjoy her moments of relax and tranquility. She will surely love to lie in a hammock in the garden, while reading, listening to music or napping without anyone bothering her.

Price: € 33.95



Portable barbecue​


If she likes outdoor plans with family and friends, a small portable barbecue is an ideal gift for her. It measures 37 cm, it is light and easy to transport, perfect for use anywhere, like meals in the country house or summer dinners on the terrace.

Price: € 89.99



Decorative solar owl​


A decorative and practical present: this owl is charged during the day with solar energy, and illuminates at night offering a pleasant ambient light. An original and ecological way to illuminate the outdoor areas, and a perfect gift if your mother enjoys the nights on the terrace or garden.

Price: € 12.29


Hardware and DIY

For those handy mothers, who like DIY and unleash their creativity by performing different activities of carpentry, maintenance, decoration or electricity, we recommend you these gifts:

Hammer drill


Assembling a piece of furniture, hanging a painting... giving a hammer drill to your mother is a great idea: she can get down to work with those DIY tasks she like so much.

Price: € 50.09



Pressure washer​


A pressure washer is a very practical gift, if your mother enjoys taking care of the tools, bicycles or garden furniture. It removes light dirt in less time, using less water than a hose and achieves excellent results without using detergents thanks to the high water pressure.

Price: € 121.00


Small electric appliances

For those who like to take care of themselves or for those who love cooking, in our section of small electric appliances you will surely find the gift you are looking for.

Hair iron


Hairdressing products can be a good idea for those mothers who like to primp themselves. With this hair iron she will get a perfect straight hair full of shine.

Price: € 35.99




Straight brush​


If your mother likes to be ready in a short time, we have the perfect gift for her: a straight brush with which she will get a natural straight hair very quickly with a simple movement.

Price: € 36.99



Ice cream maker​


Who does not like a delicious homemade ice cream? If you have a foodie mother, who enjoys preparing and tasting all kinds of recipes, she will surely love the “tasty’n’cream”to make ice cream at home in a very simple way.

Price: € 69.32




If you choose to buy a gift in our decoration section, you will find a wide variety of decorations and decorative details that will fit your style. Here are three recommendations:



Is your mother one of those people who always have a candle lighting any corner of the house? A candleholder that combines glass and wood is a good idea that will be useful to decorate and create a cozy atmosphere at home.

Price: € 19.95



Stoneware vase​


Another detail to give to her is a vase, as it is a very versatile element that has many possibilities: as a base with flowers, to fill an empty space, as a protagonist on a side table ... and can be placed in almost all the rooms of the house. In our store we have a wide range of vases of different styles, sizes and colors. What do you think of this one in turquoise? Ideal to add a summer touch.

Price: € 15.22




Or, why not give your mother some nice cushions? For the living room, the bedroom or the terrace, a decorative complement capable of giving a renewed air to the room.

Price: € 13.53



You are still in time to buy that gift that your mother deserves and with which you demonstrate how important she is for you.

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