Ideas on how to choose the best fabrics for your home

Style and functionality are probably the two most import aspects to keep in mind when choosing the best fabrics for your home.

We understand that your personal taste and budget are prime factors when it comes to selecting fabric materials and/or products for your home. However, it’s worth taking some other elements into account.

Jaype stocks a great range of products to suit your requirements, taste, style and budget, allowing you the luxury of a varied choice. You’ll find everything you need for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. And you can also rely on expert advice from our friendly staff.

Fabrics for your bedroom


We all know how important our sleep is. One thing is sleeping and another is sleeping well. Not only do you need a good mattress for comfort, but also quality bed linen.

Here at Jaype, we have a comprehensive range of bed linen in different colours, prints, sizes and fabrics to give your bedroom that special touch. We stock bed sets in 100% natural cotton or polyester mix, flannel and microfibre. You can also “mix and match” so that you can find your preferred option. We stock some of the finest brands available, such as Barceló, Lasa Internacional, Gama Natura and Burrito Blanco.

It is also important to ensure that you buy fabrics that provide protection for mattresses, cushions, and that are anti-allergic and breathable etc. You need to consider factors such as heat and humidity. Dust-mite collects in linen and can cause problems for people suffering from asthma, rhinitis or sinusitis. We stock a complete Anti dust-mite range of linen which is specially treated to prevent bacteria and fungi and the subsequent breeding of dust-mite. Here at Jaype, we are conscious of all requirements regarding the safeguarding of your health.

Why not check out our extensive range of mattresses, with all sorts of products to suit your needs. We stock Thermal mattresses – these are visco-elastic and feature a double side to use for winter or summer; and the brands Ortofarma, especially designed for articulated beds, and Naturtea, ensuring healthy and restorative rest.

Discover all our options here, and choose from the best pillows, mattresses, sprung mattresses and head boards:

Fabric for your living room ​


Our living rooms are where we relax at home, a place to feel totally at ease.

Comfort in your living room is key, and cushions make a perfect accessory; choose different shapes, colours and size to personalise your comfort zone and relax. Your body will thank you for it!

And, when the winter chill sets in, there’s nothing better than a rug to keep you warm and cosy. Make it a constant on your sofa, for one or more people to snuggle under. Select it to suit you, considering the composition, size and colour. Microfibre is perfect as it’s so soft and light, and reasonably priced too. Choose from a wide range of colours to match the scheme in your living room and bedrooms etc.

Do you like being barefoot at home? How about getting a carpet for warmth and comfort, and so that the kids can play on it? Jaype stocks different styles and materials, with brands such as Brisa Jardín, Batela, Unimasa or Item. There’s plenty to choose from, ranging from more expensive and classic natural styles to the lighter synthetic type, more casual cotton rugs or long-pile bouclé for extra warmth. We have everything you need to ensure comfort at home.

Fabrics in your kitchen


Keep your kitchen on trend too. We cover all your needs, from small details through to a range of protective gloves, cloths, napkins and oil cloths cut to size.

Don’t forget to keep the colour of the walls and furniture in mind when selecting your kitchen fabrics and updating your kitchen’s look. And let our helpful staff advise you too!

We stock goods in cotton, coated polyester, 100% cotton with PVC coating, cotton fleece, linen or polyester, in lots of different print designs that are both modern or classical in style.

Fabrics for your bathroom


Let Jaype help you to get your bathroom up to date with our accessories.

Towels, towel sets, bath robes, bath and shower mats, shower curtains in any size, sytle and material.

We all know how much we use bathrooms, and how untidy they can get. Let our staff at Jaype advise you on how to brighten and tidy up your bathroom. We recommend that you choose a shower curtain rather than a screen to give your bathroom a decorative lift. And it’s always good to match up the colours and style of your bathroom. Is your bathroom white with wooden fittings? In that case, go for neutrals. If you have a more colourful bathroom, go for contrasts such as white and green, pink or orange to cheer it up.

It’s also important to consider the fabric for your towels. We always recommend 100% cotton, as they are the most absorbent. For hand towels, go for a mix of silk and cotton. And check the washing instructions to keep them looking perfect. Wash them at least once a week and make sure they are completely dry before folding them and putting them away.



Let Jaype help you to choose the right curtains for your home. Consider window size, room direction, the light that comes in etc.

All of these factors are important, as well as the style and fabric that you like. Here are a few tips from us on curtains in your home depending on the material:

  • Screen: Jaype stocks a great range and finish of different screen blinds suitable for everywhere in your home. They’re easy to clean and block the sun out.
  • Papyrus reed: Hard-wearing translucent material that can be shaped for different purposes and finishes.
  • Linens: Made from rough-texture fabric and classic in style. Frequently used for net curtains.
  • Gauze and netting: 100% polyester with stunning textures. Normally used for curtains with a drop.
  • Velvet: To prevent the light entering and featuring classical style. They are perfect to add a touch of colour to your home.

Not only do Jaype stock fabric products for your home, but we also have a great range for the hotel and catering trade. Come and see our goods in hard-wearing material, and available at very competitive prices as we know that they wear out with frequent use.

These are just a few tips from Jaype to help you choose the right products for your home. Find everything you need to add an extra-personal touch of style and comfort to your home. And let our expert and friendly staff point you in the right direction!

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