Keep your home cool and don’t feel the heat this summer

Summer is here and lots of us are happy. It’s all about great weather, sun, sea and beach. But it also means that hot days are on the way, when we should all be aware of how important it is to keep cool. And not just you, but your home as well.

During this time of year, the temperature outside is very high. It’s a heat that you need to protect yourself from. There are days, or even weeks, when the temperature reaches 40 degrees and the heat takes over inside your house too. Nobody enjoys the way it feels uncomfortable and oppressive. The Jaype team would like to give you a few tips and ideas on how to keep your house cool in the summer.

We can all achieve this with a bit of common sense. It’s all very well to rely on air-conditioning, but it’s not the best option the whole time. The electricity consumption of the units is high, it affects the environment and your family budget. It’s better to use air-con sporadically, at the hottest times of the day. Here are few pointers on how to keep your home cool and comfortable in a natural way:

  1. During the day, keep your windows and shutters closed and your curtains drawn. And, when it’s at its hottest, don’t open the windows until several hours after sundown.
  2. Ventilate. Create currents between open windows, the optimum time for this is in the morning, when it is cooler.
  3. Light clothing. As much for you as for your home. Avoid using synthetic fabrics and tight clothing. The best fabrics to wear are cotton and linen. Jaype stocks lots of items that can help you in this sense.
  4. Have light meals. Food, although we don’t always realise it, is key to keeping body temperature down. Eat fruit, vegetables and drink plenty of liquid to ensure a sense of wellbeing.

We hope that these simple tips help you to keep your home cool. However, if you need more, Jaype stocks very effective air-conditioning products that will ensure a pleasant temperature in your home:

  1. Fans
  2. Ceiling fans
  3. Nebulisers
  4. Fan air-conditioning units
  5. Portable air-conditioning units

Discover which product is best for your home, as every house is different and has its own requirements:



Fans are definitely the cheapest option. Their cost ranges from 20 to 100 euros, depending on their functions, size and other specific factors. Furthermore, fans will save you up to 40% on electricity bills in comparison to air-con units. They don’t need to be installed, you can move them around all over the house and make the air circulate evenly. However, these units don’t generate cool air and may not be enough on really hot days. Here at Jaype, we stock a varied range of fans for you to choose the best one for you and your home’s requirements:

  • Floor standing fans
  • Table fans
  • Column fans
  • Wall fans

Ceiling fans


These fans are ideal as they cost much less than air-conditioning units and consume minimum power, resembling the equivalent of a 60-watt light bulb. To give you an idea, an air-conditioning unit generates about 3,500 watts. Ceiling fans are easy to install and often used as a decorative element too. On the other hand, they can be dangerous for children if they are not set high enough on the ceiling. Another disadvantage is that the ones with a light do not in fact offer sufficient light.

Nebuliser air circulators


These are ideal for your terrace or garden, with a system that projects a fine spray of water on our skin and absorbs the heat, also cooling the atmosphere. Although it might seem expensive to run, it barely uses power or energy. A standard nebuliser air circulator uses 3 litres of water per hour. They are very simple to install, as they come in an easy-assembly kit. There are two types: low pressure (for gardens or terraces) and high pressure for professional use (hotels, restaurants, public facilities…). They are definitely the best option for your home if you have a garden or a terrace and want to enjoy some time there.

Air coolers


Air coolers use water to cool air. Although they are more expensive than fans, ranging from 70 to 200 euros, they have the advantage of providing you with a cooler temperature wherever you place them. Unlike standard air conditioning and although it doesn’t have quite the same function, their consumption is up to 80% less. These units are ideal for houses that withstand a dry and hot climate. It is not advisable to use them in very humid homes. And they should be placed in rooms with a measuring no more then 30 m2.

Portable air conditioners


This is definitely the best option if you want something similar to air conditioning. The bonus is that you can move them around in the various parts of the house that need cooling down. They work by taking in hot air from the atmosphere through ventilation slots, which then comes out as cold air. You need to choose the power of the unit based on the size of the room or where you want to put it. Check with our experienced and helpful staff to ensure the best solution for your needs. The disadvantage of these units is that they consume quite a lot of energy and are also a bit noisy, plus they are more expensive than the previously mentioned products. Units cost anything from 120 to 600 euros.

These are the units you need if you want to keep your home cool and enjoy a pleasant summer in it. We hope that we have helped you to choose the right product for your requirements, and will be delighted to assist you if you have any queries.

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