At Jaype, we deal with plumbing installations with total professionalism. When it comes to everything required for plumbing purposes, our company assures clients that we work in various specialist areas in this sector, and can provide you with everything you need to complete a job in the best possible way and with the most well-known products and brands available on the market.

We believe in offering you the most efficient solution, which is why you can count on our specialist staff to guide and advise you regarding any aspect of plumbing: from water supply and outlets, and also its treatment. In addition, we can to find the right necessary fire-resistant equipment for industries and physical spaces so that you comply correctly with regulations.

uPVC pipes

At Jaype, we are very conscious that the plumbing profession often requires urgent action, and that you will need both in store knowledge and precision to locate the parts you need for a job. Thanks to our years of experience, we understand the market’s needs and which materials are best suited and effective for each and every situation. We can advise on the implementation and work with uPVC pipes in submersible pumps which, compared to metallic pipes, offer advantages such as:

  • Long lasting: no corrosion or electrolysis
  • Lightweight: allows for reduced cost of gantry
  • Easy installation: reduces labour
  • Prevents build-up of lime deposits
  • High resistance to pressure and tension
  • Simple assembly
  • Lower cost of pipes compared to metallic ones

In addition, water is of major significance in plumbing. This means that its use and treatment must be responsible and safe as, otherwise, any misuse when treating it could harm both our health and the environment.

Treatment of water

nullHere at Jaype, we would like to transmit to you why it is so important to treat water: as we well know, water is a limited resource and in more global demand as each day passes. This is why its use should be reduced or, if possible, recycled.

Sewage water has huge potential. Most of the water that is produced goes straight back into our ecosystem without being treated, but the chances of treating this water are great, providing a safe and sustainable system that recycles for watering your garden, providing energy and also nutrients.

Sewage water should be given more due importance for actions apart from those that principally provide us with drinking water, such as washing, watering the garden and cooling factories as well as many other possibilities. According to research, it is estimated that by the year 2030 there will an extra 50% water demand worldwide, with the amount of sewage water massively increasing due to occupation in the cities. It’s important to be aware of how vital water is for our future, and how its correct use will help us to generate a better life for everyone.

On the basis of this knowledge we, and particularly businesses, should all make correct use of water as, not only does it benefit the world but also the actual businesses. They save on energy and, in the case of hotels, ensure their guests’ comfort. Incorrect use of water or the material used to provide it can damage their corporate image and also affect guests’ health. Jaype can help you in this way, by offering and providing you with the best material to guarantee safety in your business so that you manage the treatment and use of water correctly.

Fire precautions


Not only do we have comprehensive knowledge of equipment involving water usage, we are also specialists in controlling and preventing fire. Jaype stocks all the material you need to guarantee adequate fire safety. We know all about the market requirements and can offer you the best solutions to guarantee the correct application of all regulations.

Fires can result in countless damage and loss, apart from placing people at risk whether they are at home, in the work place or anywhere prone to fire hazards. In order to avoid these situations, it is essential to have the right material and equipment to prevent fire.

Fires can happen for many reasons. It could be due to human negligence or error, such as badly installed electrical wiring or the incorrect use of flammable combustibles or liquids. That is why it is important to take preventive measures and guarantee maximum safety in the face of this sort of scenario.

According to data from the National Firemen’s Association of Spain, the amount of deaths as a result of fire in this country rose by 8% last year over the previous one. There was an average of 63 fires in the home every day, 2.7% more than in 2017. The report highlights that most fires start in the cold winter months. Between November and February, there were more mortal victims (74) than over the rest of the year (70). For the first time, the main cause of fire is due to electrical issues rather than heaters.

With the help of specialists with knowledge of fire safety material installations, you are lowering the chances of these hard facts becoming reality and thus reducing the risk. We understand the importance of supplying you with the best material and equipment necessary to guarantee complete safety in both the home and public businesses and spaces:

  • Fire safety groups
  • Fixed fire-fighting systems
  • Hydrants
  • Hoses
  • Fittings
  • Sprinklers

Here at Jaype, we’ll be happy to help you with everything you need, from basic material to more complex systems. Come to us for everything you need that is connected to plumbing.

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