Small household appliances that you shouldn’t be without in your kitchen

​Our kitchens are undoubtedly one of the places in our home where we spend the most time; whether it’s to have breakfast, lunch, supper or even just chat in. This is where we make something quickly when we’re in a hurry, or enjoy preparing a more complex dish when we have the time and like cooking. Plus, we can do it in a more hands-on way than the old-fashioned way, or even use an innovative appliance that cooks for us. That’s because, these days, thanks to the introduction of new appliances and technological advances, cooking has become simple and quick, allowing you more time in everyday life.

There are some appliances which are a must in your kitchen and her at Jaype, we’d like to help you get to know about them and what you need to keep in mind regarding each one.

To find out which electrical appliances are a must in your kitchen, the Jaype team is going to introduce them to you and explain what you need to know before choosing. So, we’ve divided them into 2 blocks: basic and innovative household appliances.

Basic household appliances


Basic household appliances are those that you need for everyday use which you can find in a big range of prices and sizes to suit both your budget and your home.

  • Fridge: Essential for keeping food fresh and making it last. Don’t forget that a fridge can use up as much as 30% of your home’s electricity bill! So, it’s better to spend a little more and buy an energy-efficient model to save on power consumption in your home. Another tip is to get a fridge which has the “no frost” option. What does that mean? That your fridge doesn’t ice up and it stays cleaner for longer.
  • Induction hob / Vitroceramic hob / Gas hob: Essential for cooking food. The first thing you need to consider, regardless of which type you think is best for you, is the size and how many you are at home. There are pros and cons to them all.
    • Induction hobs: It doesn’t generate residual heat and cools down quickly once it’s turned off. You can cook while not wasting energy thanks to the precise flex induction areas.
    • Vitroceramic hobs: Residual heat doesn’t go as quickly as it does on induction hobs. However, the heat can be taken advantage of to carry on cooking or maintain the temperature. They’re easy to clean and safe.
    • Gas hobs: these are the cheapest of all three. You can also use any type of pan. They’re much safer than they used to be, with a gas-stop system which cuts off the flame if it detects a potential leak.
  • Oven: a factor you need to know about with this type of electrical appliance is what sort of heat it provides, the electrical consumption and its size. Conventional ovens only have two heating elements, one on top and the other on the bottom, which means that you can use just one oven tray. Multifunctional models allow for cooking on more levels with a better heat distribution thanks to a rear fan. Another important factor to keep in mind is energy consumption. The most efficient is the Triple A energy label, while D is the least efficient. The difference in consumption can triple. Finally, and also good to know before you buy, check that the size is right for the space in your kitchen and that it’s also correct for the amount you need to cook.


As we said before, kitchens have really developed thanks to scientific and technological advances, and these day there are appliances that actually do the cooking for us and relieve some of our day to day household chores. However, some of these are quite expensive, so we need to be sensible and consider their yield in order to work for us. It’s also worth considering not just the cost, but the timesaving factor.

Here at Jaype, we stock the latest small electrical appliances to help you optimise on time and enjoy easy cooking processes:

  • Kitchen robot: these are undoubtedly one of the 21st century revolutions. Who would have imagined years ago that we can now enjoy a robot cooker to dish up your family’s favourite meal whenever you want at the push of a button? Well, it’s a reality now! There are multiple types of robot cookers available, and at Jaype we also stock the Mambo kitchen robot, which has 23 functions to reproduce all the culinary techniques. Here is an appliance to help you enjoy lots of different recipes without needing a professional chef at home!
  • Robot vacuum cleaner: because it’s not all cooking in the kitchen. There are other chores like cleaning utensils that you’ve used and the space where you work. Sweep, vacuum, mop… so, can you imagine an appliance doing all of that for you? Well, there is! It’s a robot vacuum cleaner which can efficiently clean all of your kitchen and the rest of the house. Jaype stocks the Conga 3090 Robot vacuum cleaner, capable of locating and analysing every millimetre of your home and leaving it all nice and clean. You don’t even have to be at home to switch it on, you can activate it from your mobile!
  • Hand blender: this is without doubt one of the most popular small household appliances to emerge in the last few years. Thanks to its performance, capability and functionality, it’s become a must-have in kitchens. Not only does it blend liquids, it’s a great way of preparing dishes. However, be sure to consider your own needs on choosing a blender, as well as its functions, size, weight, material and cleaning. Jaype stock the Powerful Titanium 1000 Full blender, with a potent 1000W motor that stands out among the other models on the market. It can blend anything, even ice for your mojitos. It also includes extra accessories on purchase.


  • Liquidiser: these are used to make juices and other liquid food. The older models used to grate the fruit and spin all the pulp too, which wasn’t giving the right result and took away from the freshness of the products. However, the new liquidisers like the Pure Juice de Kenwood have a small press in them to squeeze the fruit and draw out all the juice and retain the nutrients. The principal feature of this product is that it has a simple pulp extracting system, unlike others which are not always as practical and affect the taste.
  • Bread maker and coffee maker: a lot of us tend to think about coffee as soon as we wake up, and there’s nothing like a good coffee to start the day off. Savour the authentic flavour of ground coffee in a cup with the Milano super automatic coffee maker stocked at Jaype. This is a coffee maker that is compact in size with a good capacity. You control the temperature to produce that perfect coffee you need. And how about some toast made from freshly baked bread to go with it? You don’t need to go out and buy it with the fantastic Moulinex baguette maker. This appliance has 16 programmes to make different types of bread, from basic bread to gluten-free, brown bread or one with Omega 3. Your very own bakery at home!
  • Steam station: it can be a real bore having to iron mountains of clothes to dress smartly. We waste a lot of time and it’s tedious. Now, thanks to the latest technology and Jaype’s new products, you can get a Forcetitanium 5000 smart steam station, saving time and effort. Made from a light and compact material, you obtain professional results with any clothing item and fabric. Another plus with this product is its two-litre water chamber for lots of ironing without wasting time filling up all the time. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular products in small household appliances.

Like everything in life, kitchens have advanced hugely, and the Jaype team is always here to help you find everything you need with our friendly personalised service. Let us be of assistance in store or through our customer care service: follow us on our blog, Instagram and Facebook social media, and discover all our latest products.

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