Tips for looking after the lawn in your garden

Jaype have already posted other tips on how to care for your garden and the best tools to use to have everything looking perfect. Now we’re going to give you a few tips on looking after your lawn:



To keep your lawn looking good, one of the first things you’ll need to be aware of is mowing.

Mowing is knowing how to cut the grass on your lawn, and what sort of grass finish you want. This depends on the height of the grass. You’ll need the correct lawn mower, so let Jaype advise you on the right machinery for your lawn with one of our experienced team resolving any queries you have. We are the official distributors of the brand OUTILS WOLF, and highly recommend their lawn mowers. Here are a few examples to consider:


nullA thermic lawn mower with 5 different mowing height options and a 72-litre grass catcher. Thanks to its powerful motor, this mower works well on steep slopes.






nullThis lawn mower is not as powerful as the previous model, but works perfectly on smaller grassed areas. It has a motor brake and centralised switch to adjust the blades for grass length. One of the great advantages of this mower is its 3 in 1 multi-function: collecting, mulching (a grass-shredding system that turns it into compost, which saves you time) and expelling.





nullThis tractor lawn mower has a Honda motor on the back, giving you perfect visibility from the driver’s seat. All the controls are close by, making your mowing task simple.





However, if you don’t need a lawn mower, we also stock a great range of OUTILS WOLF manual tools, with a multi star system ensuring maximum convenience:

How often should I mow my lawn?

This is one of our customers’ FAQs. We recommend you mowing every 3 days in the summer to keep your lawn impeccable.


The next thing you need to do is fertilise your lawn. Please ask one of our expert staff members to advise you on the best fertiliser or compost for your lawn. Another good option is to make your own compost.



Over the hot summer months, you will need to ensure abundant watering. Watering is essential for your grass to survive – it’s a living organism which needs hidrating.

How long you should water for is another factor to keep in mind. We recommend a period of between 15 and 30 minutes.

How will I know that I’m not watering enough?

  • The grass will not spring back and it will retain footprint marks.
  • Growing will slow down.
  • The colour will be dull and brittle looking.

And if I over-water?

If your lawn looks pale-coloured and feels soggy, it means you’re watering too much.

Another frequent query is just how often and when are the best times to water, and we suggest the following:

  • Spring: Water every other day.
  • Summer: Water daily.
  • Autumn: Water twice a week unless it rains.
  • Winter: Water every 3 weeks unless it rains or the grass looks dry.

At Jaype, we stock all sorts of watering systems for different areas. We are also happy to measure your watering system in accordance with your requirements.

Aerating the soil


Aerating the soil is another important aspect to ensure that your grass and garden flourish. Turn the soil so that it is oxygenated and aids plant growth. Jaype has a comprehensive range of aerators in store.

We hope that some of these essential tips will prove useful, and help you keep your grass looking great. Jaype are always on hand to help so that, from now on, your lawn looks as good as a professional football pitch!

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