Tips to help you choose the best work apparel

There are legal regulations regarding clothing in certain work sectors which must be met. They are set to ensure workers’ safety in the performance of their job.

These days, the manufacture of work apparel has made huge advancements. A great deal of attention is now placed on easier movement, comfort, safety and functionality in order to guarantee that workers can carry out their all their tasks at full capacity.

Jaype has taken all of these elements into account, offering our clients a comprehensive range so that you can select the best clothing to suit your professional needs.

And, in this post, you’ll get to know some of the more interesting aspects about work apparel, and how we at Jaype can help you with your selection.

Uniforms, hygiene and cleaning

Uniforme seguridad en el trabajo

Hygiene and cleaning play a very important role in working conditions, as they guarantee safety and confidence for both you and your client.

One of our suggestions is that you use disposable clothing in order to ensure better biological safety.

This type of clothing is used for a limited time on a job, with the added advantage that the fabric guarantees total insulation and comes securely wrapped and sterilised for use. Then, once it has been used, it is disposed of and thus prevents the spreading of any pathogenic contaminants. However, one of the slight disadvantages of this clothing at the moment is that it is not environmentally friendly. There are now several companies looking into suitable biodegradable fabrics to resolve this issue.

Which professions require the use of this type of clothing?


Generally, this clothing is used most by people such as healthcare professionals, livestock farmers, mechanics, agricultural farmers and vets.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is the care of clothing. Many accidents occur due to wear and tear damage to clothing. And most of us know or have experienced what is known as Murphy’s Law, meaning that if you’re wearing a polo shirt with a hole in it, that’s exactly where some harmful product might harm you. Similarly, if you wear very worn trousers, or ones that drag on the floor, you’ll probably end up tripping up and hurting yourself in the long run. The same goes for footwear that is not suitable for your needs or work:

Work footwear


We all spend a lot of time working and, in view of the specific conditions and safety measure required in certain work areas, you may well end up harming your feet by wearing the wrong sort of footwear.

Also, did you know that about 15% of work accidents which stop you working are related to your feet?

We’re sure you realise that every job is different, and each one needs to comply to its particular speciality and suitable work attire. Our feet bear our weight and give us mobility. So, if they hurt because of pressure, friction or other harmful elements, it results in us feeling less secure, thus limiting our productivity and level of concentration at work.

It is for this reason that Jaype recommends you asking for advice from our staff, who can help you to select the right shoe for your needs and particular job. So that you feel comfortable and safe as you work.

Another ever-increasing popular trend is the customisation of work clothing. Instead of ordering a basic simple uniform, more and more companies prefer a personalised uniform that identifies workers with a company logo:

Can work clothing act a source of motivation and promote your business?


We at Jaype think so, and that’s why we provide our clients with a printing and embroidery service which personalises your staff’s uniform and also promotes your brand. Although you might not place much importance on this aspect, wearing customised work clothing often boost your staff’s sense of belonging and self-esteem. It’s also beneficial to you and your client, who can easily identify one of your workers and know his role. At the same time, you are creating an extra awareness of your identity and brand.

We hope that you have found the most important points regarding work apparel interesting, and understand how the necessity of suitable clothing to match every profession and work place is vital.

Jaype offers you a wide range of the most suitable products and material for your work. Come and ask one of our specialists in store for advice and information on the best work clothing for you.

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