Jaype Menorca irrigation system installations

Let’s ensure we don’t lose a drop of water! We’ll carry out the most suitable off-plan installation for each planting area for you, from a small allotment or vegetable garden to vineyards, olive groves or agricultural farms. How do we do it?

  1. We look into the real necessities with you, depending on the ground surface to be covered and the type of planting.
  2. We design an off-plan irrigation system for you, taking into account all soil features and its water catchment and calculating all the material needed.
  3. We carry out the installation and provide all the parts you’ll need: pipe network, valves, pumps, etc.
  4. If you have a problem or want to add to your irrigation system, our qualified staff are at your disposal for assistance whenever you need it.

Garden irrigation

Our gardens in Menorca tend to suffer with the wind and salt air and are difficult to look after. That’s why we recommend a personalised irrigation system in accordance with the type of cultivation in your garden.

From traditional sprinkler irrigation to the latest remote programmers that allow you to control the amount of water no matter where you are.

Vegetable and orchard irrigation

The type of products you cultivate in your vegetable garden is pretty broad. And they all have specific watering requirements too! That’s why we suggest that together we put together the best conscientious study of how to take advantage of irrigation to ensure that your vegetable garden and fruit trees are properly watered.