Tips on choosing the best Weber barbecue

In the summertime, it’s a ritual to enjoy a good barbecue in the garden at home on a Sunday with friends and family. So, if you’re thinking of buying one and being the envy of the neighbourhood, let out team at Jaype show you everything you need to know when it comes to the best barbecue for your needs.

Actually, being successful with a barbecue isn’t as easy as it seems. There are several vital factors which we often don’t consider. Want to know more? We don’t want to keep you waiting any longer.

Will you always invite your friends and family to your home or would you like to demonstrate your culinary skills as a genuine chef elsewhere? This is one of the first most important decisions you’ll have to make: whether to buy a fixed or portable barbecue. First, what you need to ensure is that you have space to install it:

  • Built-in barbecue: This is definitely the best option if you have plenty of space and can house a cooking area with the necessary lighting and storage facilities for these barbecues. They are more expensive than mobile ones, but they have multiple advantages such as room for a grill, hot plate, food preparation area and even an oven.
  • Mobile barbecue: If you’re not a complete barbecue fanatic and just use it occasionally, we definitely recommend a mobile barbecue. It’s cheaper than a built-in one and you can always store it when you don’t need it, although one of the cons is that you won’t have as much space to cook lots of different food at once. Take a look at the various sizes we have in our catalogue or in store to find the perfect model for you.


If you opt for a mobile barbecue, there are several types to choose from: charcoal, electric, gas and wood.

  • Charcoal: This is an all-time classic which many go for. Enjoy their authentic flavour and the aroma of grilling. Plus, you can light it anywhere, with no need for power. The downside is that it can be harder to light and it can be more complex and slower to cook. But it’s still worth waiting for the delicious result!
  • Electric: These are pretty simple barbecues which are very easy to manage. All you need is a power plug close by. They’re also quite light, so easy to transport. Plus, they take up minimal space, meaning that you can store them easily at home. However, your dishes might not be as tasty as charcoal-fired ones.
  • Gas: This is a barbecue that works with gas bottles and a touch of the switch to turn it on, where the intensity of the flame can be regulated depending on the products you want to cook. One of the drawbacks is that these tend to be big, so it’s not as easy to take them to a friend’s house.
  • Wood fired: wood barbecues are very similar to charcoal ones, and work on the same principle. How else are they alike? Well, they offer that same unique and tasty flavour in food and dishes that you prepare. Normally, they are bought by people with more experienced and know the type. Most of them have an incorporated side table for preparation of food.


Our recommendation, provided you have enough space and love barbecues, is to opt for the wood and charcoal one. They add that special touch to meats and other dishes. However, if you just want a barbecue for simple enjoyment and the social fun of it, gas or electric ones are the best option.

Once you’re sure of the type of barbecue that’s right for you, the next step is to complete your purchase by ensuring that you have all the basic utensils you need to prepare your first barbecue. Here are the essentials you should have:

  • Tongs, fork and spatula: These are the three must-haves in order to handle food once it’s cooking on the barbecue.
  • Gloves: If the heat is on high, we recommend using gloves to avoid burning yourself. The best ones are padded.
  • Apron: It’s easy to get dirty with a barbecue, so use an apron to keep clean and avoid washing clothes a lot.
  • Brush: This is useful for getting rid of charcoal and burned food, and cleaning the barbecue is vital for its correct maintenance
  • Knives: Essential unless you buy ready-cut products and dishes. If you want to become an expert, you should cut meat to your liking.


In this article we’ve given you the best tips on buying the right barbecue for your requirements. We also highly recommend the brand Weber, which we work with and consider to be one of the best on the market, offering you the greatest variety and quality to ensure that your barbecues are fantastic.

Finally, here are a few little tricks which not everyone knows about when it comes to barbecuing:

  • You don’t always have to top up the charcoal or wood. By adding salt, you stoke the embers and make it keep going for longer.
  • Don’t throw salt directly onto food, as it makes it sweat and build up fat that then causes smoke.
  • Add the spices to the embers and not the food to add that extra flavour to your dishes.

We hope that we’ve helped you to choose the right barbecue for your home. Jaype stocks a great variety and range of products that are bound to satisfy your requirements. And we are always delighted to help you and resolve any queries you may have.


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