Shipping costs

Although Menorca is not that big, we want to make everything as easy as possible for you. That’s why you will find that some JAYPE products can be ordered online and shipped or delivered to your home or wherever you like.

Here are the answers to the main FAQs when making online purchases.

How much will the shipping or delivery cost?

Shipping or delivery costs are as follow:

  • Within Menorca: free
  • Outside Menorca: this depends on the location

Depending on the type of merchandise, and if it is bulky, shipping and delivery costs are:

  • Within Menorca: free
  • Outside Menorca: this depends on the size and weight

On purchasing a Jaype product, this implies that you accept the conditions of sale

When you buy an item on our website, you automatically accept our conditions of sale, which includes all those mentioned above as well as our exchange and refund policy and all legal conditions and guarantees.

If any of these conditions change, we will notify everyone via our website, with you hereby accepting them automatically when you make a purchase.