Jaype Menorca water treatment systems

Not only do we supply pipework in our plumbing warehouse, we think everyone needs to understand the importance of knowing how to treat water.

In a place like Menorca, where we are extremely conscious of the lack of this essential resource, treating water helps us to enhance its use. We recommend these options:

  1. Disinfection. The best defense is attacking it correctly, and when it comes to drinking water, it is also better to prevent rather than cure. That’s why our experts at Jaype can offer you knowledge and experience when advising you on water disinfection materials with all the guarantees. This can be by means of ultraviolet rays, carbon or chlorine activated products, and we will help you to select the best system depending on your specific requirements.
  2. Osmosis. Osmosis treatment is growing fast on the island due to the fact that our drinking water is now basically bought in supermarkets. Let us advise you on a personalised plan for your home and forget about loading up with big water containers every week.

  3. Decalcification. Limescale is the greatest issue in the island’s water-supply pipework. It also affects our bodies and skin. We can resolve this problem with a simple installation for you.

  4. Filtration. Filtering rain water lets us take advantage of a large amount that we would lose otherwise. This is something we must not allow to happen in Menorca.

Not sure of how to do this? Don’t worry, let the Jaype team study your individual case and install the best method in your home. We also offer maintenance services for systems when necessary.