Jaype Menorca Industrial Hardware

Are you missing a certain screw for a job? Don’t worry, we stock them all at Jaype! We cover all your needs thanks to the vast selection of stock we keep in our warehouse. The good news is that, not only do we supply material for domestic repairs or projects, we also have an exceptional section of industrial hardware in Menorca.​

Hardware for locals

Jaype has all the hardware needed for your home, ranging from drills to the tiniest washer. Our hardware section stocks any parts that you need for those small household tasks, helping you to become a real DIY expert.

Industrial hardware

Our industrial hardware section caters to a bit more than home repairs, with a vast range of products for professionals: building companies, shoe factories, boatyards, costume jewellery manufacturers, hotels, technical services for communal complexes, municipal teams (material such as urban furniture or rubbish bins). Even the Menorcan food industry can find what they need at Jaype’s hardware store.

  • Hardware for building purposes: from large-calibre screws to ladders and scaffolding. Because safety comes first!

  • Hardware for land cultivation and gardens: from chainsaws to forestry machinery, with a comprehensive range of wood-shredders, Rotavators and lawnmowers tractors.

  • Hardware goods made from pure material: are you looking for high-quality material to handle? We stock solid bars of PVC, bronze, nylon and delrin. What are we making today?