Jaype Menorca stove installations

Don’t let the cold stop you doing anything, especially at home! For Menorca’s chillier months, and to prevent damp in your home, we suggest you invest in a good stove. Whether it is a traditional wood-burning stove or the more modern pellet stove, let us advise you on the best place to install it in your home to ensure cosy warmth while also resolving the smoke outlet. All you have to do is choose the model that best suits your personal taste and home!.

  • Wood-burning stoves, the type we’ve enjoyed for years. They can be metallic or cast iron, and add a special warmth to your home. Jaype stocks all the material for complete installation, cleaning and maintenance.

  • Pellet stoves, the ecological revolution for home heating. They are a lot cleaner and smaller, and you don’t have to worry about where to get the sacks of pellets as Jaype stocks them! We are in fact the official distributors for the FM brand of pellets, a company that specialise in natural heating. We also provide technical home service to customers. Please ask our expert staff to explain it all to you in detail.

  • Boiler installations. If you would rather heat your home in every room, we recommend you installing a boiler. The gas-oil is the most common, but now pellets are also becoming popular. The main issue is to stay warm and cosy!