Everything you need for a trip to the beach in Menorca

Getting everything ready to go to the beach should be hassle-free, even fun! It goes hand in hand with relaxing, holidays, free time, sun and sea. All you need to consider is what you really need to take with you. The Jaype team is happy as always to help you and give you tips to make it easy. Here’s how…

Remember that good planning is key for any plan. In this case, it’s a beach plan. So, before packing your bags, sit down and get a pen and piece of paper to list everything you think you’ll need for a weekend or a few days by the beach. Then, check that these items or material work and make a list of the things that are missing. You’ll find all the products you need in the Jaype catalogue: from camping stoves, awnings and chairs to sun beds, swinging hammocks or rockers. Believe us when we say that you’ll always need something, because when you go to the beach you want to enjoy every well-deserved minute of pleasure after long work-packed days. So, stretch out and enjoy that siesta in a hammock, take to the sea on a lilo or tuck in to great food with friends and family thanks to our items and utensils.

Below, we’re listing and giving you tips on the products that you may need for all of the following situations:

On the beach


Spending the day at the beach is a true pleasure but, as we said, it’s best if you go well prepared. Here are a series of products that we stock at Jaype which we think you’ll need:

  • IRIS Beach Cooler bag. Made from extra-thick material with a thermal insulated interior, this bag has one external pocket and another internal net one. It has two shoulder straps for carrying, and you can keep soft drink, water and beer nice and cool in it. There’s nothing worse than feeling parched in the heat and finding that your water’s gone hot. This product solves all your problems.
  • CMP cervical cushion. For optimum comfort, this cushion if perfect for lying on your towel on the beach and gazing across at the horizon or taking a nap.
  • Beach chair. Jaype stocks a varied range of these products. The cheapest has seven different positions, folds up and is made from multi-fibre fabric with an aluminium frame. A chair fit for a king!

These are some of the essential items you’ll need to be comfortable on mornings and/or afternoons at the beach.

But there’s more to it than all of this… there’s the before and after. Before? Well, there’s being at home, having breakfast, getting all the food ready and doing the household chores like tidying up and putting the washing out. And after? Well, who wouldn’t want to finish off the day with a cool beer and soft background music on the terrace followed by a great supper with friends? Here at Jaype, we’ve got all that covered for you!

Before hitting the beach


It’s a perfect day and your family is waiting for you. You get up and see the sun shining and say to yourself ‘It’s going to be a great day.’ Then the good bit starts.

If you need any breakfast items, here at the Jaype store we stock:

  • TAURUS hand blender: Perfect for your morning smoothies that are packed with protein and vitamins. Bayonet fitting for simple assembly.
  • TAURUS toaster: Great for your toast and marmalade with your coffee, a true classic. With two extra-long slots and 3 functions: defrost, reheat and cancel toasting.
  • QUID Set 7 hermetic containers: Get your food for the beach ready using these containers, essential for keeping products fresh. Several rectangular sizes available.

Back home after the beach


The day’s over and you want to freshen up, relax and enjoy a good supper. Enjoy with:

  • JATA grill hot plate: enjoy a great supper with your family and/or Friends with this grill, cooking meat, fish and vegetables to perfection.
  • CECOTEC tower fan: If you don’t have air-con at home, a fan is your best solution. This one has 3 speeds and 3 modes (turbo, sleep and eco)
  • JATA hair-dryer: After a shower, getting ready and drying your hair is made simple with this dryer. With individual integrated switches and 3 airflow settings, plus 3 heat levels.

These are some of the essential products for you beach days. We hope that you enjoy the month of August! You can count on Jaype to welcome you and help you with anything you need. And, if you have enjoyed this article and want to learn more, follow us on our blog.

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